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Thank you for visiting my site. Yes, I do complete custom action figures of more than just HALO, but I truly enjoy all the lines this subject has to offer. We work on Joyride, McFarlane Toys, Wiz Kidz ActionClix, Lego, MegaBloks, and all the others. We enjoy Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, GI Joe, Video Game Characters, Military, and all the other action figure types. We put our heart and soul into each figure when making truly unique creations that no other collector has. If you are looking for a repaint or a completely new figure, trust SMArt-Customs to handle the details. We specialize in making custom action figures come to life.

"Artists have vision beyond the natural realm. We see it in its finished form long before others can." -Scott M.

MY LATEST CUSTOM: Mass Effect 3 Custom Kai Leng!!

ANOTHER CUSTOM: HALO Reach Special Forces Sniper Spartan!!

My name is Scott Miller, hence the "SM" Art reference. This site is designed to display the customized figures you are seeing on ebay and to show my past work. These creations are truly a labor of love - when it comes down to details - I'm your man! Each was painstakingly created and imagineered to provide something a little more special for action figure fans and game-players of all types. Get a true collectible for yourself or a fan you love.
Possessing a unique and One-of-a-Kind Action Figure, Statue, or Diorama Scene is now possible for anyone on any budget. I work to fit the biggest bang into your bucks. Guaranteed!

I guarantee that each custom piece will not be duplicated which ensures the collectible value will only increase and your collection will be that much better than the next person's. Competition is a good thing, but knowing you have the best is always better, isn't it? I also am noted for my custom attachment system known as MAG Points™ which is my Magnetic Attachment Gear Points System that replaces the standard McFarlane-peg-and hole system. It allows for a better look and stronger attachment in any location. It is my branding on the system so custom copiers... beware.

Look for my ongoing creations on ebay by searching by my seller name: dsmiller10

Check out the gallery to see the past customized figures that have been made for sale on ebay or for custom commission work. Repeat buyers always get greater priority and extras just because we love them more! ;)

Additional  Info

All the work you see here is completely my creation. Many different figures or models (even toys) contribute parts, weapons, or ideas in the making of these new figure creations. My 28-year "spare parts box" is my wealth of items that make these unique customs EVERY TIME. After over 20 years of professional model making, you do collect some very interesting parts to help out. I also take suggestions on my commission work where you can specify the combination of parts or make a reference and let me take it from there. Imagination is a great thing! I have made over 60 customs and they all sit in happy homes around the world - including my own. Schools, branches of the military service, players, gamers, businesses, McFarlane Toys designers, collectors, buyers, soldiers, and friends have been some of the groups that have added a SMArt-Custom.com original to their display shelves. It is important to love what you do. I do and it shows in the work that continues to improve. If I don't feel remorse in selling it or giving it away, then I didn't do my best work. My goal is always to make something I would be proud to have on display... anywhere. I also provide a custom Plasma Grenade in every figure because who doesn't love to throw one of those in the HALO games?

Any question you may have regarding a custom or if you want an estimate or quote, just ask. I do answer my email personally so you know you are getting the real answers to your questions. I do custom work to meet your specs or sketches as well. You remain part of the process as you receive pictures of each stage to make changes along the way (if desired). Others just let me go to work and create a truly unique custom that far surpasses their expectations. No other customizer of action figures currently allows this much interaction in your commissioned work. Email me here to get the answer for you.

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Feel free to suggest new ones and do take note that I work on all lines of figures and brands. Halo was just how I got started so I have a true love for the line of figures. I make a lot of commissions so if you have a tight deadline, keep that in mind when you write to me. Don't wait until the last second because you may be on the line waiting for your turn. I do all the work myself so that ensures nothing leaves until it meets my strict quality standards.

Take a look at the gallery and I would appreciate any comments you have. I continue to advance my skills and love to hear what others think to take things to the next level. I give estimates and always keep my clients up-to-date with progress pictures along the way. If you want to be involved in a custom project, I'm your man to make that happen.

"I bring custom action figures to life."

Have a great one!