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This page will cover the history and how it all started

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For over 25 years, I have enjoyed building scale models.  I have built Tanks, Airplanes, Cars, Artillery, Figures, and Dioramas (scenes of battles, figures, and vehicles).  I have won over 30 awards for display models and have had dioramas on display at the Pentagon, The Naval War College, Schools, Private Collections, and Military Academies.  I have learned my weathering and realistic painting techniques from such noted experts as Verlinden, Shepard Paine, etc. Experience and years of making military models taught me patience.  These custom items should not be rushed.  Making time to do it right means the world to me.  My heart and soul is applied to each figure and vehicle I choose to make so my clients and customers remain happy with their purchase.  
Each one is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece... NEVER TO BE DUPLICATED.

I began making custom action figures about 10 years ago because I wanted figures that manufacturers didn't think collectors wanted.  My first was a custom Deadpool made from a Marvel Spiderman.  I quickly saw the potential and began a small business for friends and serious collectors.  ebay makes these available to a growing market.  The rest is history.  My feedback is 100% positive because I take the time to do it as I would want it done.  Each one I create is harder to let go of because I'd love to keep them all for my own collection.

I apply my modeling knowledge and skill to each item so that you have a real work of art that is not only collectible, but has honest value that will only increase.  My goal is to provide figures and vehicles that will make your collection better than the next guy's.  Competition is a good thing, but knowing you have the best is always better, isn't it?

Check out the gallery to see the past customized figures that have been made for sale on ebay and private collections.

Featured Specials: (Write to me for special options and estimate)

Now accepting commisssions for customized HALO figures Wizkidz Actionclix, Joyride (HALO 1 & 2), and McFarlane Toys HALO. Simply email your description or a sketch to get your estimate.

Other Info

Any question you may have regarding a custom or if you want an estimate or quote, just ask.  I do answer my email personally so you know you are getting the real answers to your questions.  I do custom work to meet your specs or sketches as well.  Email me here to get the answer for you.

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